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Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Many people still don’t know what a Virtual Assistant is, so to start we shall clear that up!

A Virtual Assistant is ultimately an individual who remotely helps business owners or entrepreneurs with a variety of tasks that they need completed on a daily basis. Virtual Assistants are experts in several categories such as administration, social media management, website development, bookkeeping, sales, customer service, event planning and so much more! The list of specialties is indefinite!

So now that we know what a Virtual Assistant is and what they can do, let us discuss why hiring one is so beneficial for your business.

Top 5 Reasons How Hiring A Virtual Assistant Actually Saves You Money

1. You do not need to train Virtual Assistants, they can train you! When we hire employees it takes time, money and patience to train them on how to complete daily tasks. Virtual Assistants actually have years of experience and education that allows them to work independently and efficiently.

2. No need for payroll taxes! Yes, you read that right. There are no payroll taxes, WSIB payments, sick days, vacation days or any other forms of insurance. Virtual Assistants are completely independent and are responsible for their own tax headaches.

3. Only pay for the time spent on projects. That means no more paying for water cooler time, lunch breaks, coffee trips and wasted time. Virtual Assistants only bill for the time they put into projects and are in fact much quicker than the average office employee.

4. You do not need to pay Virtual Assistants for a 9-5 position. You can outsource your tasks as needed! Unlike office staff who are at the office Monday - Friday 9-5 and are expecting 35-40 hours/week, Virtual Assistants schedule your business needs as they come in and do not quit because there is not enough hours.

5. Save on office expenses! With hiring Virtual Assistants versus office staff, you save on office equipment, stationery supplies, and even your electricity bill! Virtual Assistants provide all of their own supplies and equipment saving you on a large expense bill.

As you can see hiring a Virtual Assistant is extremely beneficial and cost effective for all business sizes. As a full service business support company, we are here to guide you and help you grow!

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