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Do I Really Need A LinkedIn Account?

Updated: May 3

With the new "Work From Home" times our LinkedIn Training sessions have increased drastically. LinkedIn is a very powerful social media platform that can establish great connections and networking opportunities.

Who Is LinkedIn Really For?

LinkedIn is a great tool for all professionals! Students looking for career opportunities, business owners, recruiters, employees and employers. However, research indicates that B2B companies thrive most on LinkedIn.

Our Top 5 Reasons to have a LinkedIn Account

1. Build Your Brand

LinkedIn offers an opportunity to build personal and professional brands. With a profile you are able to connect with others. Having a company page allows you to attract potential customers, gain followers and increase visibility as a professional brand. If you are a business owner we highly recommend creating a company page.

2. Connect With Your Potential Clients

Although we do not recommend selling directly to your connections without actually establishing a relationship with them, (this does come across as extremely spammy) LinkedIn does offer detailed filters that you can use for finding your target market. Connect with them, schedule discovery calls and let them know you are there to help!

3. Grow Your Network

All business owners know that our competition will always be around, so why not connect with them and grow relationships? Perhaps you are seeking assistance in a specific area, we can guarantee they are on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, the business referrals are huge! On numerous occasions our services have been booked due to our high involvement on LinkedIn.

4. Google Search/Views

Yes, you read that right! Google picks up on LinkedIn profiles and brand displaying your information on Google results. Be visible so people know the value you offer.

5. Stay On Top Of Market Trends

Due to the high level of professional activity that occurs on LinkedIn, you will see valuable data relevant to your industry circulating on LinkedIn. Of course we recommend ensuring the source is valid, but there are tons of industry based articles and information on LinkedIn.

If you need help setting up a professional LinkedIn profile or Company Page, we can help!

Sign up for one to one LinkedIn Training and start building your network.


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