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2020 Vision - Setting Your Goals

What does your vision look like for 2020?

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to get to business!

Start with writing your goals. Once your goals are written, your already half way to achieving them!

The best way to start goal setting is to use the SMART Goal method.





Timely SPECIFIC GOALS are goals that are clear, defined and explained in a manner that outlines exactly what you are attempting to achieve.

For example, I will increase my sales in 2020. Great intention yet not specific enough. How about, I will increase my sales by $5,000 in 2020 to establish an increased annual sales of $30,000 from $25,000 in 2019. Creating specific goals increases the probability of reaching them because you know exactly what you are doing.

MEASURABLE GOALS are goals that can actually be measured. This allows you to view your progress. Using the example above, we can verify that the goal is measurable because we have a value. We can measure the sales amount throughout the year which allows us to succeed.

ATTAINABLE GOALS are simply, goals that you can actually reach. Are you creating goals that you can truly attain?

For example, your goal is to renovate your basement, yet you do not have enough funds to renovate. Therefore your goal is not attainable. Rather then focusing on an unattainable goal, rewrite your goal until it becomes attainable. This year I will save $xx.xx to complete renovations for XX date. This is an attainable goal.

REALISTIC GOALS are goals that are founded in real life not in our dream worlds. All of us would love to become millionaires this year, but is it realistic? Unless you have a magic wand it’s very unlikely. Keep your goals focused by creating realistic targets and visions.

TIMELY GOALS are goals that have ideal timelines and clearly set dates of achievement. Maybe the goal of saving up for renovations will be for two years instead of one based on your financial situation, or maybe you’ll have enough funds in six months time. Creating the timeline of when you can reach your goal will assist you in actually achieving your goal.

Now that you have a better understanding of SMART GOALS, let’s get goal writing!

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